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GPS Tracking Software

Uffizio brings great user experience to your commercial and personal users, with our best solutions globally. Uffizio offers an efficient, effective GPS tracking system for managing your business fleet. It is advance and easiest cloud base tracking software for your valuable assets in the world.

Our software also provide valuable protections in the event of theft and recovery. You can reduce misused and save money by minimizing the environmental impact of your fleet. More than 200+ thousand objects (Vehicle, Person and Weapon) are running on over platform.

200+ supported trackers

Our software is designed to communicate with wide range of GPS trackers. We are open to integrate any type of tracker.

100+ analytical reports

Large variety of reports are already available, and still we are open for any customization.

100+ object alerts

Get notifications to your iPhone or Android devices, via e-mail, mobile App or SMS.

open for customization

We stand behind you every step of the way as you grow your business.

supports additional hardware

External accessory integration to improve your business area.

various types of charts

Graphical representataion makes it easier to visualize large fleet data.

200+ tracker are already integrated and ready to integrate any kind of trackers and sensors.


Leverages of Btrack can help your child's School Trip.

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Let's make city clean and save environment.

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Goods and chattels are in your control.

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Achieve complex business goal with simple steps.

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Collect milk in smarter and economical way.

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